Persuasive Systems Design features in Promoting Medication Management for consumers

Win, Khin Than
Mullan, Judy
Howard, Sarah
Oinas-Kukkonen, Harri
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Medication safety continues to be a growing concern in the healthcare industry. Providing medication information to consumers and supporting self- management would help to reduce medication errors and to increase medication adherence. This paper reviews the persuasive systems design features used in current medication management applications for consumers. A database search was conducted to identify relevant articles, which were then reviewed using the Persuasive Systems Design model as a framework for analysis. The results highlighted the applicability of these features for the medication management information systems available to consumers. Primary task support and Dialogue support categories were highly cited in the articles. System credibility support category was moderately cited and the Social support category was cited least in the reviewed articles. Tailoring, monitoring and reminder features have been considered more than the other features in previous studies.
Behavior Change Support Systems Medication Management Persuasive systems Design Reminder Tailoring
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