Economic Issues, 1997 - present

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    Producer Business Checkup
    (University of Hawaii, 2013-06) Nakamoto, Stuart ; Teegerstrom, Trent ; Tronstad, Russell
    This guide and worksheet is designed to aid agricultural producers in the evaluation of their business practices
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    Comparison of cost structure and economic performance of Hawaii and U.S. mainland farms
    (University of Hawaii, 2012-03) Arita, Shawn ; Naomasa, Emiko ; Leung, PingSun
    This report compares economic performance between Hawai‘i and mainland U.S. agricultural producers in order to assess economic viability and the direction in which Hawai‘i agriculture is heading. It outlines challenges faced by Hawai‘i farms, and considers possible solutions.
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    A comparison of agricultural input prices: Hawaii vs. its major competitors
    (University of Hawaii, 2011-10) Parcon, Hazel ; Arita, Shawn ; Loke, Matthew ; Leung, PingSun
    This fact sheet compares the prices of different agricultural production inputs faced by Hawai‘i farmers with those faced by farmers from other competing countries. The inputs under review include labor, energy, fertilizer, land, agricultural machinery, water, transportation, and financing.
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    An Overview of Seafood Consumption and Supply Sources: Hawaii versus U.S.
    (University of Hawaii, 2012-03) Loke, Matthew ; Geslani, Cheryl ; Takenaka, Brooks ; Leung, PingSun
    This study compares Hawai‘i and the U.S. mainland in terms of seafood consumption and import. It looks at total, per capita, species grouping, historical and global consumption.
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    Costs of Transporting Fresh Fruits and Vegetables to Honolulu from Hilo and Los Angeles
    (University of Hawaii, 2010-06) Parcon, Hazel ; Loke, Matthew ; Leung, PingSun
    This publication describes the factors involved in the costs of transporting fresh fruits and vegetables to Honolulu from Hilo and Los Angeles. Transportation cost of food represents a significant factor of Hawaii's cost of living.
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