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Welcome to the Software Technology (ST) Track. This year we received 115 submissions to minitracks in the ST Track. Other than the 15 papers by Track and Minitrack Chairs which were reviewed separately, all papers were reviewed within their own minitracks. The overall acceptance rate was 49.5%. Some themes of the ST track in this year's conference include software development processes, cybersecurity, sustainability, and mobile and edge computing.

Given that you are reading this, you might have an interest in proposing your own minitrack. Please consider proposing new minitracks in cutting edge areas of Software Technology.

This year's ST Minitracks are as follows:

Agile and Lean: Organizations, Products, and Development.

AI-based Methods and Applications for Software Engineering.

Application, Adoption, and Impact of Emerging Technologies.

Cellular and Wireless Networks.

Critical Infrastructure and Cyber Systems.

Cyber Operations, Defense, and Forensics.

Cybersecurity and Software Assurance.

Digital Responsibility for System Design and Software Engineering.

Digital Twins: Platforms, Methods, Applications, and Impact.

Generative and Conversational AI in Information Systems Research and Education: Opportunities and Challenges.

Intelligent Edge Computing in Pervasive Environments.

Machine Learning and AI: Cybersecurity and Threat Hunting.

Quantum Computing Applications.

Security and Privacy Aspects of Human-Computer-Interactions.

Self-Adaptive Systems and Applications.

Smart Application Development and Data Streaming: IoT, I4.0, Smart Cities and More.

Software Sustainability: Research on Usability, Maintainability, and Reproducibility.

Software Technology and Software Development.

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy this broad spectrum of stimulating and provocative research!

Rick Kazman
University of Hawaii