Series 4: Ocean Law

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Jon Van Dyke was a part of various international organizations to shape the legal discourse around Ocean Law. Examples of organizations were the International Law Association (ILA) - Law of the Sea, Dividing Up the Ocean/Oxford, Forum 2003-2004 Auckland, the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) Convention, the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Council on Ocean Law: Law of the Sea, High Seas Study Group, International Whaling Commission, Kyung Hee University, Law of the Sea Institute, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Subcommittee on Territorial Jurisdiction and International Relations of General Provisions Committee and the United Nations Environmental Programmed (UNEP).

He researched case studies on specific places involved in Ocean Law issues and concerns: Bosnia, Clipperton-Mario Aguilar, Greece & Turkey-Aegean Sea, Kiribati, Kure, Northwest Hawaiian Islands, Papahānaumokuākea, Palau-Vinstar, Passamaquoddy Bay, Philippine Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA), Vanuatu and Fiji.

Specific themes or topics of study he engaged with were: Black Carbon, Climate Change, Human Rights & Environment, Indigenous Maritime Claims, Indigenous Rights in the Ocean, Indigenous Rights Under International Law, International Ocean Law, Ocean Fertilization, Iron fertilization of the Oceans, Marine Mineral Development in the US- Affiliated Pacific Entities, Marine Sanctuaries, MOX Plant Case ITLOS 2003, Nuclear, Nuclear Shipments 2009, Ocean Law, Ocean Resource Rights, Offshore Resource Management, Shipping, The Impact of Navy Training on the Monument, Tourism, U.S. Marine Sanctuaries, U.S. Maritime Boundaries, Whaling.

Some researchers he partnered with were: Alison Rieser of the Sea Grant Legal Center, Journalist Sue Arnold on the International Whaling Commission, Peter Wilson of the Tuna Project, and Durwood Zaelke. He was involved in these publications and writings: Current Working Copies for "The Exclusive Economic Zone of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands", Durwood Zaelke’s book International Environmental Law and Policy, William T. Burke’s book International Law of the Sea, the Lisbon Papers, the Marine Pollution Bulletin, and the Townsville Paper.