Series 2: Ferdinand Marcos Human Rights Litigation

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This series includes legal documents and research materials related to the litigation against the estate of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos for the human rights violations committed against Filipino citizens during his regime. Cases include those brought forward by victims, or relatives of victims, who were detained, tortured and killed. Examples of those cases are Celsa Hilao et al v. Estate of Ferdinand E. Marcos, Maximo Hilao et al. v. Estate of Ferdinand E. Marcos, et al., and Estate of Francisco Sison, et al. v. Estate of Ferdinand E. Marcos. Other cases include those related to the release of the Marcos estate finances from overseas banks due to plundering national treasures, or to compensate victims of human rights violations. Examples of those cases are Republic of the Philippine v. Heirs of Ferdinand E. Marcos and Imelda R. Marcos; Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner and Smith Inc. v. Arelma Inc. et al.; Romulo Del Prado et al v. B N Development Co. Inc, et al.; and the Republic of the Philippines v. Ferdinand E. Marcos et al.

Other materials relate to Jon Van Dyke’s teaching and analysis on the Ferdinand Marcos Human Rights violation case, as well as other international human rights cases. The materials cover these topics or themes: Diplomatic Immunity, Nicaragua, Derogation of Human Rights, Extradition, Forum Non Conveniens, Hawaii Jurisdiction Article, Guantanamo Bay. References were made to U.S. Human Rights Cases and to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. He also engaged with organizations such as the International Court of Justice (ICJ), European Human Rights Convention. The series also includes fellowship and research grant materials from Jon Van Dyke’s research activity on this issue.

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