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    Circum-Pacific periodicity in volcanic activity
    ([Honolulu], 1970) Michael, Marion O.
    The first aim of the present study is to investigate pulses of volcanic activity in the individual volcanic areas of the Pacific margin to determine whether or not there is an overall pattern in volcanic periodicity. The second aim is to study one circum-Pacific area, the New Guinea-Solomons region, in more detail and to try to relate its volcanic periodicity to the local tectonics and seismic activity.
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    Biostratigraphic correlation in the area of the Ontong Java Plateau
    ([Honolulu], 1971) Buyannanonth, Varunee
    The purpose of this study is to correlate the biostratigraphy of Hawaii Institute of Geophysics deep seacores from the Ontong Java Plateau and vicinity with the section penetrated during Leg 7 of the Deep Sea Drilling Project (Scientific Staff, 1969), and to derive information pertinent to the interpretation of the structure and history of that area.
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    Trace element variations in some Central Pacific and Hawaiian sediments
    ([Honolulu : Hawaii Institute of Geophysics, University of Hawaii], 1971) Burnett, William C.
    This study was initiated in order to investigate the elemental abundance of certain trace metals in surface sediments from the region of the Hawaiian Islands and the Central Pacific. The elements studied fall into two groups: (1) the alkali and alkaline-earth metals Mg, K, Ca, Rb, Sr and Ba; and (2) the transitional metals Cr, Fe, Co and Ni. Cu and Zn, which are often associated with these elements.