Analyzing the Impact of Digitization on Business Operations

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    Predicting Students’ College Drop Out and Departure Decisions by Analyzing their Campus-Based Social Network Text Messages
    ( 2020-01-07) Allen, Rebecca ; Nakonechnyi, Alex ; Seidmann, Abraham ; Roberts, Jacqueline
    Undergraduate student retention is a key concern in the US higher education system. Having a scientific method for predicting undergraduate student departure would enable institutions to deploy targeted interventions with the goal of retaining a particular student who is at risk of dropping out. We explore the use of Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA), Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), and new techniques for Social Network Analytics addressing student communications within a novel campus-based closed social networking platform. Our research results indicate that students who were ultimately retained sent three times as many messages than those who were not, and analyzing the patterns of use of the closed social network in an academic setting reliably predicts undergraduate student dropouts and leads to a more effective deployment of retention resources over time.
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    Minimizing Response Time of IoT-Based Traffic Information System through Decentralized Server System
    ( 2020-01-07) Hassanlou, Maryam ; Sun, Yi ; Fang, Fang
    Many metropolises seek to relieve traffic congestions and reduce vehicle accidents by implementing Intelligent Traffic Information Systems. These systems manage continuous communication between vehicles, various roadside IoT devices and a central server in real time for traffic control and vehicle navigations. Short response time is critical to the success of these time-sensitive systems. For a small area, a system with centralized server architecture may just work fine. For a larger area with more IoT devices and traffic, however, the system may experience excessive response time as a result of increased network distance and constrained server processing capacity. We propose a decentralized server system to properly manage and reduce service response time. We have also developed a binary nonlinear constrained programming model with Genetic Algorithm for a heuristic solution.
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    The Impact of Digital Technology on Network Value Co-creation
    ( 2020-01-07) Hönigsberg, Sarah ; Dinter, Barbara ; Wache, Hendrik
    In recent years, the discussion about how companies integrate new technologies into their value creation and how this affects their business has intensified. The trend towards digitalization is particularly challenging for smaller, value co-creating (VCC) companies in networks, yet little research has been done in this context. In response, this paper identifies four key technologies for promoting network VCC: (1) a service configuration system, (2) a centralized knowledge base, (3) an analytics system, and (4) a shared IT platform. We conducted a single embedded case study in a company network introducing these key technologies and thereby digitally transforming its VCC. Our results show how the companies in the network are approaching their transformation and what the impact and role of the technologies in their network VCC are.
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    Identification of Institutional Characteristics that May Drive (Avoidable) Hospitalization of Nursing Home Residents
    ( 2020-01-07) Hong, Zhe ; Seidmann, Abraham
    Avoidable hospital transfers increase the risk of negative outcomes for patients and cause waste in medical resources. While reducing emergency department (ED) transfer and hospitalization rate has been widely discussed, few IS scholars pay close attention to the concept of avoidable transfers. The paper, rooted in the context of nursing homes, provides a comprehensive review of the concept, identification, and contributing factors. In addition, empirical evidence is presented to complement the study. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first empirical work using nationwide aggregate data to study the effect of institutional characteristics on avoidable hospitalization from nursing homes. We found that while caregiver/resident ratio remains a heated topic in public policy debate, only a high intensity of service provided by well-trained medical practitioners (registered nurses and physicians) is associated with low levels of avoidable ED visits and hospitalization.
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    Digitization in B2B Buying and Selling
    ( 2020-01-07) Van Den Steen, Nils ; Basu, Amit ; Muylle, Steve ; Standaert, Willem
    Business-to-business transactions include several processes that can be digitized by buyers and suppliers. While prior studies have examined the performance impacts of using digital technologies, they have not investigated the alignment of such digitization between transacting parties. In this paper, we empirically examine the use of different market-based digital technologies by buyers and suppliers for these processes, and analyze the extent to which the digitization of different processes is aligned between transacting buyers and suppliers. Our field study is based on surveys of transacting agents in 174 buyer-supplier dyads about their use of digital technologies. The results indicate that there are misalignments for some processes in both the specific digital technologies buyers and suppliers use, and in the extent to which each of them uses digital technologies. By addressing these misalignments, buyers and suppliers could potentially realize greater benefits from digitized transaction processes.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Analyzing the Impact of Digitization on Business Operations
    ( 2020-01-07) Zhang, Jie ; Seidmann, Abraham ; Jiang, Yabing