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The Asia Pacific Bulletin, produced by the East-West Center in Washington, publishes summaries of Congressional Study Groups, conferences, seminars, and visitor roundtables, as well as short articles and opinion pieces. APB summaries are always two pages or less, designed for the busy professional or policymaker to capture the essence of dialogue and debate on issues of concern in US-Asia relations.

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    What North Korea has been learning from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
    (Washington, DC : East-West Center, 2023-03-01) Novotna, Tereza ; East-West Center (Washington)
    Dr. Tereza Novotna, Korea-Europe Center Fellow at the Free University Berlin, Korea Associate at 9DashLine, and Senior Associate Fellow at EUROPEUM Prague, reflects on "two lessons and three opportunities that the War in Ukraine presents to Kim Jong Un and concludes with recommendations on what the Europeans could do in the near future."
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    Two peripheries : the Ukraine War's effect on North Korea-Russia relations
    (Washington, DC : East-West Center, 2023-03-01) Rinna, Anthony V. ; East-West Center (Washington)
    Anthony V. Rinna, Senior Editor for Sino-NK, explains how "the Kremlin’s post-2022 diplomatic and economic estrangement from much of the world has provided Pyongyang with an opening to leverage ties with Russia to push for an easing of its own diplomatic and economic isolation."
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    United Kingdom engagement with North Korea
    (Washington, DC : East-West Center, 2023-03-01) Morgan, Alastair ; East-West Center (Washington)
    Alastair Morgan, Tokyo College Ushioda Fellow of the University of Tokyo and Visiting Senior Research Fellow of King's College London, summarizes the course of the United Kingdom's engagement with North Korea, from the Post-WWII era through the Covid-19 pandemic.
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    North Korea-Germany relations : an ambassador's perspective of diplomacy with Pyongyang
    (Washington, DC : East-West Center, 2023-03-01) Schaefer, Thomas ; East-West Center (Washington)
    Dr. Thomas Schaefer, German ambassador to North Korea (2007-2010 and 2013-2018) and author of "From Kim Jong Il to Kim Jong Un: How the Hardliners Prevailed," explains how Germany has "sought to moderate North Korea through a 'Policy of Critical Engagement' to convince it of the benefits of international cooperation, respect for the rule of law, and improving the political and economic situation of its people."
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    From coy to cold shoulder -- the European Union and North Korea
    (Washington, DC : East-West Center, 2023-03-01) Ford, Glyn ; East-West Center (Washington)
    Glyn Ford, Director of Track2Asia and five-term Member of the European Parliament, elucidates how from a high point in 2002, EU-North Korea "relations began what was to prove a long and slow atrophication into seeming irrelevance…"
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    From close allies to distant comrades : the ups and downs of the Vietnam-North Korea relationship
    (Washington, DC : East-West Center, 2023-03-01) Vu, Khang X. ; East-West Center (Washington)
    Khang X. Vu, a doctoral candidate in the Political Science Department at Boston College, explains that the "evolution of the Vietnam-North Korea relationship since 1948 demonstrates the importance of Party ideology and state interests in their bilateral ties and why a "shared communist ideology alone was insufficient to keep Vietnam and North Korea together after 1975."
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    North Korea-Guyana relations in the Burnham era
    (Washington, DC : East-West Center, 2023-03-01) Taylor, Moe ; East-West Center (Washington)
    Dr. Moe Taylor, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) Fellow, explains that during the reign of Forbes Burnham, "Guyana perhaps did more than any other single actor to help North Korea become viewed as an economic model for developing countries."
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    A monumental relationship : North Korea and Namibia
    (Washington, DC : East-West Center, 2023-03-01) Hoog, Tycho van der ; East-West Center (Washington)
    Tycho van der Hoog, PhD student at the African Studies Centre Leiden, explains that in Namibia, "much of the capital’s architectural landscape is designed and constructed by North Korea" and explores the relationship between Namibia and North Korea by providing historical and political context for this connection
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    Abrogating the visiting forces agreement : its effects on Philippines’ security and stability in Southeast Asia
    (Washington, DC : East-West Center, 2023-02-06) Acosta, Renato ; East-West Center (Washington)
    Renato Acosta, a senior reporter for the BusinessMirror, a daily business newspaper in the Philippines, explains that "while Duterte’s attempt to end the security arrangement is already a part of contemporary history, its significance should not be dismissed. It is an important event to understand for posterity…"
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    Understanding the Rohingya crisis
    (Washington, DC : East-West Center, 2023-01-06) Uddin, Nasir ; East-West Center (Washington)
    Dr. Nasir Uddin , Asia Studies Visiting Fellow at the East-West Center in Washington, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Chittagong, and author of “The Rohingya: An Ethnography of Subhuman Life,” explains that Bangladesh now hosts 1.3 million Rohingya refugees in Ukhia and Teknaf, the largest refugee camp in the world" and how "[r]ecent events have made the Rohingyas’ future in Myanmar a more complex proposition."

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