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    Tracking the Pacific islands diaspora
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2022-09-22) Pacific Islands Development Program ; East-West Center
    Panelists explore issues surrounding Pacific out-migration. Quick take:
    - More than 2 out of 5 Marshall Islanders now live in the US
    - COVID mortality among Marshallese in the US has been higher per capita than any other ethnic group
    - Mobility is part of Pacific Islanders’ history, speakers said, and does offer positive opportunities along with challenges.
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    The World must not wash its hands of Afghanistan
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2022-08-26) Sohail, Mohammad Sadiq ; East-West Center ; Research Program
    A year after the fall of Kabul and the end of the US military mission in Afghanistan, the country remains a place of misery. No foreign government has recognized the Taliban as the legitimate government, and much of the modern economy has collapsed. The new rulers have not kept earlier promises, including high-school level education for girls and amnesty for former Afghan government soldiers and civil servants.
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    The Taliban’s return has robbed Afghanistan’s women and girls of their future
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2022-08-26) Adeli, Zakia ; East-West Center ; Research Program
    The advent of Taliban rule in Afghanistan a year ago this month, after two decades under the more liberal, internationally supported Afghan National Government, threw the Afghan populace backward through a time warp. The return to Taliban oppression has been most traumatic for women and girls, who suddenly find themselves in the equivalent of the Middle Ages again with respect to their rights and prospects.
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    Speaking for the trees
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2022-08-17) East-West Center ; Research Program
    Documentarians share tales of Southeast Asia’s fast-changing environment. Quick take:
    - With economic development projects in Southeast Asia disproportionately impacting subsistence communities, conventional reporting has often failed to capture the individual human toll of the changes.
    - Speakers at a recent East-West Center Insights webinar said artists and storytellers have a role to play in ensuring that local concerns are heard and understood.
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    A prime minister of consequence
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2022-07-15) Morrison, Charles E. ; Research Program ; East-West Center
    Why slain former Japanese leader Shinzo Abe’s most cherished legacy may be yet to come. Quick take:
    - As prime minster, Abe provided stability after frequent leadership changes
    - Though only partially successful at best, ‘Abenomics’ offered hope after a ‘lost’ decade of economic despair
    - While not always popular at home, Abe was deft at handling key foreign players, from China to Trump.
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    Pacific climate leaders caution media against ‘drowning islands’ narrative
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center , 2022-07-07) East-West Center ; Seminars & Journalism
    Much coverage rife with stereotypes of hopelessness and helplessness, they say. Quick take
    - Activists and scientists say the media too often paints Pacific peoples as powerless climate victims
    - Young leaders are now speaking out about this, and new organizations are forming to help elevate positive local voices in climate coverage.
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    Confronting the media’s crisis of trust
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2022-07-06) East-West Center ; Seminars & Journalism
    Media experts offer plenty of evidence but few answers for the ongoing erosion of public confidence in news. Quick take:
    - Experts at the recent East-West Center International Media Conference admitted the problem now seems intractable.
    - ‘Good journalism’ isn’t always enough, with some respected news sources receiving low trust scores after receiving political attacks.
    - Many people feel the news is not made for them, according to studies. This including those who mistrust the media as a part of their political identity and connect with others who feel the same way.
    - Exposing misinformation is one part of the battle, panelists said, but journalists also need to understand why people consume it.
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    Jakarta flooding prompts plan to relocate Indonesia’s capital
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2022-05-19) East-West Center ; Research Program
    But will the risky move really bring improvement? Quick take:
    - Jakarta’s frequent flooding and other environmental issues have prompted Indonesian leaders to plan a move to build a new capital amid the jungle of Borneo.
    - Officials have high economic hopes, but realities such as water issues and weak sanitation infrastructure make such goals challenging.
    - Neighborhood relocation measures to cope with Jakarta’s flooding have uprooted smaller communities within the megacity and added to growing socioeconomic inequality.
    - Community activism born of such inequity has become an increasingly important part of the story.
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    Expert : Ukraine war not detracting from enhanced US engagement in Indo-Pacific
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2022-05-05) East-West Center
    In some ways, the crisis in Europe has strengthened US relationships in Asia and the Pacific, says East-West Center VP Satu Limaye. Quick take:
    - Key regional meetings and initiatives continue with Asia and the Pacific.
    - The Ukraine invasion has heightened regional concerns about China’s aggressive behavior and its deepening relationship with Russia.
    - The biggest gap in US policy in the region is a comprehensive economic initiative.
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    Risking everything to report on Myanmar’s military repression
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2022-04-21) East-West Center
    Determined journalists draw comparisons with Ukraine. Quick take:
    - Reporters and resistance groups in Myanmar say their struggle for democracy deserves the world’s attention just as Ukraine’s does, while they watch and learn from Ukraine’s strong resistance to the Russian invasion.
    - More than a hundred journalists have been detained in Myanmar, and several have been killed, according to one editor.
    - Despite the dangers, citizen journalists are helping to gather information on the ground.
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