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    Value Co-Creation Mechanisms in a Born Digital Short-form Video Platform: Kuaishou
    ( 2022-01-04) Baber, William ; Yao, Chen
    This paper focuses on the value co-creation mechanism of the value constellation of a digital services platform exemplified by the case of Kuaishou. This born-digital platform business is among the largest short-form video platforms in the world connecting makers, shoppers, performers, advertisers, and others. Using business model theory to understand the firm, this study employs “gravities theory” as the main framework to identify where and how value is created and shared among the platform’s participants. The study concludes that value-recognizing gravity, value-sharing gravity, and value realizing-gravity are found in the Kuaishou value constellation. Kuaishou forms the center dominating the internal value gravities while value gravities are found also externally, around the platform. Analysis of the business model shows that the platform’s distinct culture is a valuable mechanism of success within China, but may be a contributing factor to the so far slow international development.
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    Born-digital: The Internationalisation path of digital firms
    ( 2022-01-04) Ye, Mingzhu (Stella) ; Kang, Yuanfei ; Scott-Kennel, Joanna
    While digital firms are playing an increasingly important role in the world economy, their international expansion remains an emergent topic for international business researchers. We still lack a clear understanding of the characteristics and patterns of internationalisation by digital firms. This study aims to address this research gap by examining the path of digital firms’ international expansion. Applying the research methods of tabulation analysis and mini case study, our study reveals that digital firms expand into foreign markets in a way that significantly differs from conventional brick-and-mortar firms, thus questioning explanations provided by extant internationalisation theories. Three patterns of digital firms’ internationalization are identified. Based on analysis of archival data, this study contributes to theoretical development of internationalisation theory and provides guidance to managers of digital firms creating and implementing international expansion strategies.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Born Digitals
    ( 2022-01-04) Rollins, Minna ; Ojala, Arto ; Fraccastoro, Sara ; Gabrielsson, Mika