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    Education in American Samoa with special reference to health problems
    ([Honolulu], 1936) Mitchell, Donald D. Kilolani
    This thesis is the result of an intense interest in health education which grew out of a personal study of conditions in the schools and villages of American Samoa made during the summer of 1932. A survey of health conditions shows that Samoan life Is now a struggle against diseases and parasites, largely introduced, for which the people have developed no immunity and of which they have acquired little knowledge concerning efficacious treatments.
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    Dental morphology and pathology of prehistoric Guam
    ([Honolulu], 1930) Leigh, R. W (Rufus Wood), 1884
    This study Is based on the examination of crania from Guam in the Bernice P. Bishop Museum. From the stratagraphical and cultural evidence the crania are of a pre-Spanish or early post-Spanish epoch.
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    A study of representative history and geography textbooks used in English-speaking countries bordering on the Pacific
    ([Honolulu], 1927) Leaf, Curtis Tate
    This study concerns itself with the consideration of the textbook material of the histories and geographies of the English-speaking countries bordering on the Pacific, to find the amount of space devoted to each country and to judge the nature of the material found.