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    East-West Center annual report 2017-18
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2019) East-West Center
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    East-West Center 2020-2021 : annual report
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2021) East-West Center
    The East-West Center Annual Report 2020-21 highlights the ways the Center community has risen to the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years, including:
    - Expanding impact through online events that have reached more than 115,000 viewers
    - Providing safe shelter and welfare to our residents as the Center's student housing remained open
    - Supporting emerging leaders through innovative remote programming
    - Increasing engagement in the Pacific by hosting a virtual summit of the Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders and a variety of other initiatives under the revitalized Pacific Islands Development Program
    - Providing expert analysis on issues ranging from pandemic policies and climate impacts in the Pacific to international policy in the Arctic and water conflicts on the Mekong

    The report also includes a graphic timeline highlighting EWC milestones and accomplishments during the pandemic, and a separate Reach & Impact Report (7 p.) offering comprehensive statistics and infographics on the Center's engagement and outreach.
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    East-West Center annual report, 11th year, 1970-71
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 1971) East-West Center
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    East-West Center annual report 2016
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2017)
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    East-West Center annual report 2015
    (Honolulu, HI : East-West Center, 2016)
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