Seniors' Use of Digital Resources

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    Use of Assistive and Interactive Technology and Relation to Quality of Life in Aging Adults
    ( 2022-01-04) Hubner, Sarah ; Blaskewicz Boron, Julie ; Fruhling, Ann
    Maintaining quality of life while remaining independent are important goals for aging adults. Recent advancements in technology have provided a variety of physical, cognitive, and social supports to facilitate achieving these goals. This study aimed to improve understanding of older adults’ technology needs, preferences, and use to inform development of innovations for this population. Results of this needs assessment revealed that basic technologies are becoming universal, while newer devices are beginning to be adopted; older, well-educated adults may represent early adopters of technology, Further, traditional barriers, including technology complexity and familiarity, may remain obstacles to adoption. This study suggests older adults use technology in ways that support goals and enhance control, autonomy, pleasure, and self-awareness. This research highlights how forthcoming investigations should continue to diversify understanding of technology needs, preferences, and use across sub-populations, and future technology development should utilize this information to tailor services and products to aging consumers.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Seniors' Use of Digital Resources
    ( 2022-01-04) Gewald, Heiko ; Vogel, Doug ; Bozan, Karoly