Hawaiʻi Review, 2012

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    Hawaiʻi Review, Number 76
    (Honolulu, University of Hawaii, 2012) University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
    Editor-in-Chief: Wolf, Rachel. Content Editor: Inouye, Kelsey. Visual Editor: Lycan, Scot. Poetry Editor: Young, Lynn. Copy Editor: Zakov Trevor. Ian MacMillan Writing Awards 2012 Winners: Colbert, Jaimee Wriston - "Things Blow Up." Gusman, Jaimie - "Messaging." Nagashima, Cheri - "Suicide of the Lilies." Wong, Nicholas Y.B. - "Ode to Objects." Neagoy, Doug - "Sinking Relics." Wagoner, David - "UP." Interviews and Reviews: Wolf, Rachel - "Interview with David Maine." Wolf, Rachel - "Interview with Janine Oshiro." Kuhio, D. - "Review of Janine Oshiro's Pier." Documentary Poetry: Revilla, No'u - "Focus" and "Ooka Farewell." Bueno, Amalia B. - "Me and Jurison." Pan, Connie - "Black Sleep." Kuhio, D. - "The Dog-Ears Revisted." Nonfiction: Hassel, Jody - "The Body Remembers." Prose Poetry: Ullyot, Jonathan - "An Apology." Grace, Shantel - "For There She Was." Fiction: Shoemaker, Ryan - "After All The Fun We Had." Thielke, D.J. - "The Church of Carl." Wiley, Soon - "Call Me When You Get There." Anderson, D. Brian - "Girl Watching." Ledbetter, J.T. - "The Swan." Poetry: Batya Feld, Lisa - "Recursive." Pan, Connie - "Almost." Gates, Carly - "Glade." Rich, Susan - "Stories from Strange Lands" and "Darling, This Relationship Is Damned." Johnson, Brad - "Apogee." Atkins, Cynthia - "When Homer Roams." Emley, Bryce - "deathday." Smith, Mark - "Shell Game." Barrett, Jonathan - "After Watching a Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" and "Like a Nest." Kanev, Peycho - "Garbage Song" and "The Whale." Lynn, D.C. - "Fording Kidron." Cook, Matt - "Conventional Raindrops." Such, George - "Leaving Lombok." Gusman, Jaimie - "For the ones who smash their heads into windshields," "For the ones who have to wait outside until the surgery is complete," and "For the ones who rip the heads of their Barbie Dolls." Walsh, Adam - "[metabody]." Contributors.