Addressing Grand Challenges with Information Technology Minitrack

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The Grand Challenges minitrack provides a forum for the discussion of the world’s most important or challenging problems, and the role that information systems/information technology can play in resolving those problems. In contrast to papers which focus on a narrow problem domain, this minitrack seeks submissions which address big, important issues, the resolution of which would be widely beneficial to mankind. Papers that propose innovative, ambitious, or unusual IT-based solutions to humanity’s greatest problems are particularly encouraged.

Papers which leverage IS/IT to address any of the world’s most important or challenging problems are welcome. Problem domains of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Biodiversity
  • Climate change and other environmental issues
  • Economic stability and prosperity
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Geopolitical stability
  • Global development
  • Health, disease, and other medical issues
  • Human rights
  • Hunger, poverty, and clean drinking water
  • Natural disasters
  • Sustainability
  • Women's rights

Minitrack Chair:

Daniel Soper
California State University, Fullerton


Recent Submissions

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    Forming a Dimension of Digital Human Rights: Research Agenda for the Right to be Forgotten
    ( 2017-01-04) Kwak, Chanhee ; Lee, Junyeong ; Lee, Heeseok
    The right to be forgotten has emerged so as to build legal foundations for data subjects to be relieved from misappropriation of personal data on the Internet. However, studies of information systems (IS) on the right to be forgotten and related issues are rare as agreements of the right are diverse according to legal and cultural backgrounds. IS researchers should conduct both explorative and exploitative research in order to build a firm knowledge base for a better understanding of the right to be forgotten from the IS perspective. Doing so would help academia, legislators, and governments, and individuals to understand effects of the right on social, technological and psychological point of view. By suggesting a research agenda to investigate the right to be forgotten, this study sheds light on IS research direction of the right to be forgotten.
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    Financial Decision Support System for Wind Energy – Analysis of Mexican Projects and a Support Scheme Concept
    ( 2017-01-04) Koukal, André ; Piel, Jan-Hendrik
    Energy consumption is constantly on the increase all over the world. Especially fast-growing economies in emerging countries contribute to this increase. Governments need to promote the expansion of renewable energies in these countries by providing adequate general conditions and suitable support schemes. We provide decision support for the assessment of wind energy projects and their financial conditions. Following design science research (DSR) principles, a discounted cash flow (DCF) model in combination with a Monte Carlo simulation (MCS) to consider project risks was created. On this basis, a decision support system (DSS) was implemented in MATLAB. The applicability of the DSS is evaluated in the course of an analysis of onshore wind projects in Mexico. Based on the analysis’ results, a concept of a support scheme is designed to promote an expansion of onshore wind energy across Mexico.
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