Knowledge and Innovation Management: Connecting Theory to Practice to Business Performance

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    Supporting Supply Chain Innovation and Sustainability Practices through Knowledge and Innovation Management
    ( 2020-01-07) Gloet, Marianne ; Samson, Daniel
    This paper extends exploratory research on the contribution of knowledge and innovation management (KIM) to innovation and sustainability activities across a number of small to medium size Australian food and beverage exporters in Australia as part of a longitudinal research project. Recent trends in sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) in global supply chains sees a greater focus on achieving more social and transformational forms of sustainability, rather than traditional economic or environmental approaches. Applying a framework of sustainability-oriented innovation, analysis of eight case study organizations revealed that innovation practices across these firms largely reflected an economic focus on sustainability, followed by some activities in the environmental domain. However, more transformative forms of innovation, such as those addressing social/community concerns, were lagging. Although further research is recommended, we offer some propositional speculation on why successful SMEs with a strong reputation for innovation are still driven predominantly by financial considerations.
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    Research on the Impact of Business Strategy on Knowledge-transfer Merger and Acquisition with Innovation Level as the Mediator Variable
    ( 2020-01-07) Zhao, Rongying ; Liu, Zhuozhu ; Cai, Yibei ; Zhang, Zhaoyang
    Based on the knowledge-transfer M&A data of listed companies from 2011 to 2016 in China, this paper use logistic regression and multiple linear regression to construct a mediating effect model to determine whether business strategy is associated with knowledge-transfer M&A by taking innovation level as a mediator variable. After processing data of prospectors and defenders through strategic scoring, this paper applies logistic regression to examine the impact of Business Strategy on knowledge-transfer M&A,and applies multiple linear regression to examine the impact of Business Strategy on innovation level and the impact of knowledge-transfer M&A on innovation level. From data analysis, this paper concludes that Prospectors are more likely to conduct knowledge-transfer M&A and these companies are more likely to get a higher innovation level. Besides, the Business Strategy exerts influence on knowledge-transfer M&A by innovation level.
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    Why Enjoying Your Fun Matters: The Role of Participation in Fun Activities, Positive Affect, and Citizenship Pressure on Knowledge Management Behaviors
    ( 2020-01-07) Good, Jessica ; Halinski, Michael ; Boekhorst, Janet
    Drawing from social exchange theory, this research develops a mediated-moderation model that examines the direct and indirect effects of participation in fun activities on three knowledge management behaviors (i.e., knowledge sharing, knowledge hiding, knowledge manipulating) and investigates the mediating role of positive affect and the moderating role of citizenship pressure on these relationships. A three-wave, two-source sample (n = 163) of employees belonging to a high-tech start-up in Canada is used to test this model. Results highlight the importance of positive affect by showing the effects of participation in fun activities on knowledge management behaviors is dependent on whether or not participation in fun activities leads to positive affect. Data also shows citizenship pressure moderates the direct relationship between participation in fun activities and knowledge manipulating, as well as the indirect relationship between participation in fun activities and both knowledge sharing and hiding. These results highlight the theoretical and practical importance of both positive affect and citizenship pressure in understanding the dynamic relationship between workplace fun and knowledge management.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Knowledge and Innovation Management: Connecting Theory to Practice to Business Performance
    ( 2020-01-07) Gloet, Marianne ; Garud, Niharika ; Samson, Daniel ; Jennex, Murray