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    A study of Fijian grammatical particles
    ( 1973) Shōji, Kakuko ; Linguistics
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    The verb in Bena-Bena: its form and function
    ([Honolulu], 1970) Young, Robert Alexander
    This work gives a description of the structure of the verb in Bena-bena, a language of the Eastern Highlands District of the Territory of New Guinea. The study of the composition of the verb gives much deeper insight into the structure of the language than does the study of other constituents of the clause. This paper therefore deals only with the verb constructions.
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    The structure of the Penrhyn phrase
    ([Honolulu], 1968) Yasuda, Ayako
    Penrhyn is a Polynesian language spoken on the atoll of Tongareva in the Northern Cook Islands.The Northern Cook Islands form an area for which information is particularly deficient. Penrhyn is in the Northern Cooks and there is no grammar or dictionary of this language.The purpose of this thesis is, therefore, to discover and describe the structure of the Penrhyn phrase so that it will fill one of the existing gaps in our knowledge of the Polynesian languages and at the same time it will give an idea of the range of differentiation to be found within the Cook Islands.
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    Tuamotuan phonology
    ([Honolulu], 1969) Kuki, Hiroshi
    This thesis deals with the phonology of Tuamotuan.Three styles of speech are distinguished in this thesis, namely slow deliberate speech, fast deliberate speech and natural speech.