Intelligent Decision Support and Big Data for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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    Assessment of Quay and Yard Transshipment Operations Under Proximity Limitations in Multi-Terminal Container Ports
    ( 2019-01-08) Heilig, Leonard ; Lalla-Ruiz, Eduardo ; Bode, Christoph ; Voß, Stefan
    The assignment of storage locations and space has a considerable impact on the performance of container terminals. This holds especially in multi-terminal transshipment ports where the planning of inbound and outbound container flows needs to consider space limitations and travel distances for reallocations, causing both intra- and inter-terminal transports. Thus, in this work, we study the impact of closeness limitations on quay and yard areas when conducting transshipment operations at multi-terminal transshipment ports. In doing so, a mathematical formulation and several scenarios covering different distance policies for limiting the allocation of containers before vessel loading or unloading operations are assessed. At a tactical level, this paper provides insights on assignment decisions while assessing distance-based policies that can be incorporated in practice.
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    Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles for Urban Logistics: Optimization of Last Mile Delivery Operations
    ( 2019-01-08) Sonneberg, Marc-Oliver ; Leyerer, Max ; Kleinschmidt, Agathe ; Knigge, Florian ; Breitner, Michael H.
    In an era dominated by ongoing urbanization and rising e-commerce, the efficient delivery of goods within cities becomes a major challenge. As a new element of urban logistics, we discuss the potential of autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (AUGV) regarding the last mile delivery of shipments to customers. We propose an optimization model to minimize the delivery costs of urban shipments using AUGV. Simultaneously, best locations from a set of existing stations are selected for AUGV positioning and optimal route determination. With our developed Location Routing Problem, we provide decision support for parcel service providers, city authorities, and other relevant decision makers. Regarding the Green Information Systems domain, we tackle the lack of solution-oriented research addressing a more sustainable and locally emission free supply of goods within urban areas.
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    Credible Information Sharing in Supply Chains - A Behavioral Assessment of Review Strategies
    ( 2019-01-08) Neumann, Thomas ; Schosser, Stephan ; Vogt, Bodo ; Voigt, Guido
    In laboratory experiments, we compare the ability of trigger strategies with that of (relatively complex) review strategies to coordinate capacity decisions in supply chains when demand forecasts are based on private information. While trigger strategies punish apparently uncooperative behavior (misstated demand forecasts) immediately, review strategies only punish when apparently misstated information culminates over several periods. We contribute to the existing literature on capacity coordination in supply chains by showing that repeated game strategies lead to a significant degree of forecast misrepresentation, although they theoretically support the truth-telling equilibrium. However, forecast misrepresentation is more pronounced in review strategies. This behavioral effect is diametrically opposed to the theoretically predicted benefit of review strategies.
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    The Value of Demand Information in Omni-Channel Grocery Retailing
    ( 2019-01-08) Siawsolit, Chokdee ; Gaukler, Gary
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