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    Technical, Strategic, and Cultural Bottlenecks of Born-Global-Digital Firms
    ( 2023-01-03) Fraccastoro, Sara ; Ojala, Arto ; Gabrielsson, Mika
    A born-global-digital firm belongs to the group of firms that apply and develop digital technologies to achieve early internationalization. However, there might be different types of bottlenecks related to foreign market entries and the development of digital services affecting those markets that limit such firms’ global activities. In this work, we divide these bottlenecks into technical, strategic, and cultural forms. This multi-case study examines the impact of those bottlenecks and how that might be overcome. We provide practical and theoretical alternatives to bypass the impediments created by the bottlenecks.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Global Digital Business
    ( 2023-01-03) Gabrielsson, Mika ; Fraccastoro, Sara ; Ojala, Arto
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    Internationalization as a Business Model Design Process
    ( 2023-01-03) Mograbyan, Marine ; Autio, Erkko
    Digitalization is transforming the dynamic of entrepreneurial opportunity pursuit to the extent that traditional theories of internationalization may no longer effectively explain firms’ internationalization patterns. To test alternative perspectives, we introduce a business model design lens to the study of entrepreneurial internationalization in the digital age. Drawing on a multiple case study research of six new ventures, we induct a three-layer model of internationalization process, which distinguishes between digital, ecosystem, and country layers. While the country layer is extensively studied in traditional internationalization models, the digital and ecosystem layers are new. Our case evidence shows that the digitalization of the firm’s context enables it to extend interactions beyond domestic borders already at the value discovery stage, thereby enabling internationalization in the formative stages of business model design process. The internationalization layers also demonstrate how new ventures that start as global, narrow their foreign market scope at later states.
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    Digitalization and Early Internationalization- Systematic Literature Review Analyses
    ( 2023-01-03) Appiah, Emmanuel ; Gabrielsson, Peter
    Substantial anecdotal evidence has been garnered to make it uncontentious to concede to studies that stress on the influence of digital technology on early internationalization of firms. Having an interest to study how studies on this phenomenon has progressed overtime. The present paper systematically evaluates internationalization literature in which issues of digitalization feature as a component underlying the causes, processes, and outcomes of early internationalization. This enables us to outline the development of major research areas in terms of themes, theoretical and methodological approaches. We contribute by proposing several future research directions.
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    Revisiting the Springboard Perspective: Market-seeking Internationalization, Dynamic Capabilities and Digital Transformation of Emerging Market Firms
    ( 2023-01-03) Li, Yuanyuan
    This study explores the impact of market-seeking internationalization activities of emerging market firms, including exporting, being a supplier to foreign MNEs at home, and market-seeking foreign direct investment (FDI) on digital transformation. We use a mixed-method approach, combining multi-case studies and regression analysis, to test our hypotheses. The results show that market-seeking FDI directly relates to digital transformation while exporting and industry linkages with foreign MNEs lead to digital transformation through dynamic capabilities. Our findings highlight that emerging market firms' capability enhancement through internationalization is not only about acquiring foreign assets but also about the endogenous growth path of learning by doing.