29th Annual Papaya Industry Association Proceedings

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    Proceedings: 29th Annual Hawaii Papaya Industry Association Conference
    (University of Hawaii, 1994-05) Chia, C.L. ; Evans, D.O.
    This conference occurred during the period when Hawaii's papaya industry was struggling with the spread of papaya ringspot virus to major production areas on the island of Hawaii.
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    Inspection Requirements for Papayas
    (University of Hawaii, 1994-05) Camp, Samuel
    The Hawaii Department of Agriculture was charged with grading papayas under the federal papaya marketing order; the paper reviews the purposes and protocols for inspections to support grading standards.
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    Federal Marketing Orders: Their History and Purpose
    (University of Hawaii, 1994-05) Halloran, John M.
    At the time papaya was the only crop in Hawaii with a federal marketing order; the paper presented a general overview of the history and functions of such orders.
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    Papaya Statistics
    (University of Hawaii, 1994-05) Rowley, Homer
    Monthly data on papaya production, utilization, and outshipments collected by the Hawaii Agricultural Statistics Service are summarized and illustrated in charts and tables for the period 1998-1992.
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    Ecology of Bactrocera latifrons Populations in Hawaii
    (University of Hawaii, 1994-05) Liquido, Nicanor J.
    The paper summarizes information on host plants of the fruit fly Bactrocera latifrons and describes some ecological attributes of this fly's populations in Hawaii.
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    Papaya Fungicide Research Update
    (University of Hawaii, 1994-05) Nishijima, Wayne T.
    Concerns about pesticide residues resulting from spraying papayas with mancozeb for control of fungal diseases in the crop and postharvest let to research on alternatives, which was summarized in this paper.
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    Biological Control of Postharvest Fruit Pathogens in Papaya
    (University of Hawaii, 1994-05) Nishijima, Kate
    Characteristics of the ideal postharvest microbiological biocontrol agent are listed. Possible biocontrol uses by the papaya industry are discussed. Tables list agents known to be effective for other crops, their modes of actions, and those with patents issued or pending.
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    Papaya Postharvest Losses During Marketing
    (University of Hawaii, 1994-05) Paull, Robert E. ; Nishijima, Wayne ; Reyes, Marcelino
    The paper reviews findings of interviews with papaya wholesalers in California, who received much of the crop exported from Hawaii, relevant to postharvest losses during and following shipment.
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    Hamakua Coast--Agriculture in Transition
    (University of Hawaii, 1994-05) Jones, Bart
    Transition from an agriculture dominated by sugarcane to a diversified agriculture in the region is described
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    Pesticides for Use in Papaya
    (University of Hawaii, 1994-05) Kawate, Michael
    Insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides labeled for use in papaya plantings in Hawaii at the time are listed, and the status of projects to register new pesticides is reviewed.