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    Exporting: How It Can Benefit Hawaii and California Businesses
    (University of Hawaii, 2012-09) Masuo, DM ; Malroutu, YL
    This article presents essential and practical details about exporting from Hawaii and California and concludes with implications for state and federal government agencies, financial institutions, and business owners.
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    Practical business transition strategies
    (University of Hawaii, 2011-09) Cheah, Kheng T.
    This paper summarizes strategies and actions that can be used for each business situation. It is meant to stimulate new perspectives and thinking in agribusiness owners and managers. The Startup, Turnaround, Accelerating growth, Realignment, Sustaining success (STARS) model is used as a frame of reference, but the suggested strategies have been compiled from a variety of sources.
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    Pricing Produce and Products for Fair Profit Based on Cost of Production
    (University of Hawaii, 2012-10) Love, Ken ; Paull, Robert
    This article offers solutions to increase small farm economic sustainability, especially in terms of farmers markets and sales of value-added products.
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    A Profile of Minority Business Owners
    (University of Hawaii, 2009-09) Masuo, D.M. ; Malroutu,Y.L.
    This analysis of data from the U.S. mainland focusses on the characteristics of Korean-American and Mexican-American small business owners and their families. Its findings have relevance to similar owners of varying ethnicity in Hawaii.
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    Understanding Entrepreneurship
    (University of Hawaii, 2002-10) Cox, Linda J.
    Entrepreneurs feel they are able to make things happen. Four types are defined (the achiever, salesperson, manager, and inventor), and the difference between administrators and entrepreneurs is discussed.
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    Staging for Success: Preparing Environments for Productive Meetings, Trainings, and Workshops
    (University of Hawaii, 2009-05) Young, Jean ; Cheang, Michael
    Relationships between physical environment, people, and group dynamics are described. Twenty-three references on creating productive learning and meeting environments are given.
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    Some Guidelines for Participating in International Food and Agribusiness Trade Shows
    (University of Hawaii, 2007-04) Saulo, Aurora A. ; Divinagracia, Louis ; McArthur, Rochelle
    Considerations for preparation stages and resources for preparation and participation advice are given.
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    Some Factors in the Profitability of Small Family Businesses
    (University of Hawaii, 2001-07) Masuo, Diane M. ; Lee, Gary J.
    Based on nationwide data on small businesses, characteristics of the more profitable and less profitable were compared.
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    Preflight Checklist for Shipping Your Quality Hawaii Agricultural Product
    (University of Hawaii, 1999-02) Hollyer, James R.
    This business tool covers shipping of products, including critically important pre-shipment considerations. It aids companies in assessing how they are doing and if there are areas that need improvement.
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    Feasibility Assessment for an E-commerce Cooperative to Market Hawaii's Agricultural Products
    (University of Hawaii, 2006-01) Shehata, Sabry ; Cox, Linda J. ; O'Connell, Tim
    Almost half of the agricultural producers surveyed indicated that they would be interested in joining an e-commerce cooperative. Start-up costs and operating alternatives are discussed.