Lyonia Vol. 2 No. 1 - 5 (1983 - 1989)

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    Relationships and floral biology of Bidens cosmoides (Asteraceae)
    (Harold L. Lyon Arboretum, 1983-11) Ganders, Fred R. ; Nagata, Kenneth M.
    Bidens cosmoides, in the monotypic section Degeneria, is a morphologically unique species endemic to Kaua'i. Contrary to previous reports it will hybridize successfully with other Hawaiian species of Bidens, all in section Campylotheca. All Hawaiian species of Bidens are interfertile, suggesting that they are the products of adaptive radiation from a single ancestral introduction rather than two separate introductions and lineages as previously postulated. The elongated styles of B. cosmoides, exserted 20-30 mm beyond the corollas, that present pollen on the style tips, are unique in the genus. Flowers produce more than 30 times as much nectar by volume than do other Hawaiian species of Bidens, but the sugar concentration of the nectar is only half that of other species (30% vs. 60%). These unique floral features appear to represent adaptations to pollination by birds, although pollination of B. cosmoides has not yet been observed in nature.
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    A New Subspecies of Bidens (Asteraceae) from Maui
    (Harold L. Lyon Arboretum, 1983-11) St. John, Harold ; Nagata, Kenneth M. ; Ganders, Fred R.
    Bidens campylotheca ssp. waihoiensis St. John is described as new. It is most closely related to B. c. ssp. pentamera (Sherff) Ganders & Nagata which also occurs on East Maui. The new taxon was considered a hybrid between B. hillebrandiana and B. menziesii by Gillett, but it is not intermediate between these two species, nor especially closely related to them.
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    New taxa and new combinations in Hawaiian Bidens (Asteraceae)
    (Harold L. Lyon Arboretum, 1983-11) Ganders, Fred R. ; Nagata, Kenneth M.
    In the course of our investigation of the genetics of adaptive radiation and evolution of Bidens in the Hawaiian Islands, it has been necessary to revise the group taxonomically. Here we describe four new subspecies and make three new combinations at the rank of subspecies. Bidens sandvicensis ssp. confusa Nagata & Ganders, B. hillebrandiana ssp. polycephala Nagata & Ganders, B. micrantha ssp. kalealaha Nagata & Ganders, and B. forbesii ssp. kahiliensis Ganders & Nagata are described as new. Bidens campylotheca ssp. pentamera (Sherff) Ganders & Nagata, B. menziesii ssp. filijormis (Sherff) Ganders & Nagata, and B. micrantha ssp. ctenophylla (Sherff) Nagata & Ganders are published as new combinations at subspecific rank. A key to all taxa of Bidens in the Hawaiian Islands is provided. It includes introduced taxa that have been collected in the islands in the last 80 years.
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    Bibliography of the living cycads (annotated)
    (Harold L. Lyon Arboretum, 1986-08) Read, Robert W. ; Solt, Marie L.
    Bibliography of the literature covering the Cycadales including subject, genera, and species indices.
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    Neurotoxicity of Cycads: An Annotated Bibliography for the Years 1829-1989
    (Harold L. Lyon Arboretum, 1989-12) Whiting, Marjorie G.
    This is an annotated bibliography of references to cycad toxicity. It provides a selection pertinent to the developing reputation of cycads for producing neurotoxic effects when fed or applied to man or beast. The references are arranged chronologically, dating from the earliest found (1829) to early 1989, thus providing a sequence of the evolution from hearsay to clear evidence and experimental studies.
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