Pacific Science Volume 29, Number 1, 1975

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Pacific Science is a quarterly publication devoted to the biological and physical sciences of the Pacific Region.


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    Surface Sediments of the Nazca Plate
    (University of Hawai'i Press, 1975-01) Rosato, Victor J. ; Kulm, L.D. ; Derks, P Steve
    A new surface sediment distribution map of the southeast Pacific Ocean has been compiled from approximately 800 existing samples. Ridge sediments are characterized by calcareous ooze; deep ocean basin sediments by clay; trench sediments by mud; and continental margin sediments by mud or material of sand size or larger. Siliceous oozes are generally absent largely because of dilution by calcareous material near the equator and terrigenous material near the continent, and because of dissolution in the water column and on the sea floor. Some sediments on the East Pacific Rise and in the Bauer Depression are markedly enriched in iron and manganese, whereas, in other areas, concentrations of transition metals are confined to nodules. Organic carbon values in bottom sediments bear a direct relationship to the productivity of the overlying surface waters, and range up to 6.9 percent in a strongly upwelling area. Pyroclastic material is more widespread off Peru than Chile. This may be due to easterly upper trophosphere winds over Peru and westerly upper trophosphere winds over Chile.
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    On the Use of Benthic Foraminifera as Sediment Tracers in a Hawaiian Bay
    (University of Hawai'i Press, 1975-01) Coulbourn, William T. ; Resig, Johanna M.
    Populations of foraminifera were investigated in regard to the suitability of the various species as indicators of sand transport. Of 53 species recorded in the sediments of Kahana Bay, Oahu, 16 showed distribution patterns that give evidence of the direction of sand transport within the littoral cell.
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    Sertulum Papuanum 20 The Boraginaceae of the Alpine Regions of New Guinea
    (University of Hawai'i Press, 1975-01) van Royen, P.
    In the alpine flora of New Guinea the Boraginaceae occupy a small place with only three genera, Cynoglossum, Myosotis, and Trigonotis, and a problematical fourth one, Crucicaryum, being reported. In the present treatment descriptions of genera and species are given with localities, collectors, and ecological notes. The genus Trigonotis is given in its entity, including all species in New Guinea outside the alpine region. Two new species, T. culminicola and T. vestita, are described.
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    The Warbling Silverbill, A New Nesting Bird in Hawaii
    (University of Hawai'i Press, 1975-01) Berger, Andrew J.
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