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    The Evolution of an Architectural Paradigm - Using Blockchain to Build a Cross-Organizational Enterprise Service Bus
    ( 2021-01-05) Amend, Julia ; Fridgen, Gilbert ; Rieger, Alexander ; Roth, Tamara ; Stohr, Alexander
    Cross-organizational collaboration and the exchange of process data are indispensable for many processes in federally organized governments. Conventional IT solutions, such as cross-organizational workflow management systems, address these requirements through centralized process management and architectures. However, such centralization is difficult and often undesirable in federal contexts. One alternative solution that emphasizes decentralized process management and a decentralized architecture is the blockchain solution of Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Here, we investigate the architecture of this solution and examine how it addresses the requirements of federal contexts. We find that the solution’s architecture resembles an improvement and cross-organizational adaption of an old architectural paradigm, the enterprise service bus.
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    Cross-Collaboration Processes based on Blockchain and IoT: a survey
    ( 2021-01-05) Henry, Tiphaine ; Laga, Nassim ; Hatin, Julien ; Gaaloul, Walid ; Boughzala, Imed
    Cross-collaboration processes are decentralized by nature and their centralized monitoring can trigger mistrust. Nevertheless, a decentralized monitoring facility such as a blockchain-based and Internet-of-Things-aware (IoT-aware) business process management system can reduce this pitfall. However, concerns related to usability, privacy, and performance, hamper the wide adoption of these systems. To better understand the challenges at stake, this paper reviews the use of blockchain and IoT devices in cross-collaboration processes. This survey sheds some light on standard uses such as model engineering or permissioned blockchains which help adopt cross-collaboration business process management systems. Moreover, with respect to process design, two schools of thought coexist, addressing both constrained and loosely processes. Furthermore, a focus on data-centric processes appears to get some momentum, as many industries go digital. Finally, this survey underlines the need to orient future research towards a more flexible, scalable, and data-aware blockchain-based business process management system.
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    Blockchain out of the Box – Where is the Blockchain in Blockchain-as-a-Service?
    ( 2021-01-05) Kernahan, Alan ; Bernskov, Ulrik ; Beck, Roman
    Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) is increasingly discussed as a way for companies to get started with blockchain projects. Different BaaS offerings are available, but a systematic categorization of what BaaS comprises is missing. In this research, we analyze the service offerings of BaaS providers based on available online information and identify a number of common characteristics in the BaaS offerings related to the use of service types, distributed ledger technology (DLT) systems, consensus mechanisms, and pricing models. These characteristics are then further analyzed in the light of available literature on BaaS, as well as conducted expert interviews. The objective of this research is to provide an overview of the BaaS landscap,e as well as a taxonomy that provides guid-ance for researchers and practitioners alike interested in BaaS.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Enterprise Blockchains
    ( 2021-01-05) Zavolokina, Liudmila ; Schwabe, Gerhard ; Hein, Andreas ; Krcmar, Helmut