Knowledge Flows, Transfer, Sharing and Exchange Minitrack

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Knowledge flows occur between individuals, among groups of individuals, and among other entities such as firms and networks. This minitrack focuses on examining the nature and role of knowledge flows (e.g., knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing) among entities. Technical, managerial, behavioral, organizational, and economic perspectives on knowledge flows will be accepted and presented in this minitrack.

Potential topics that this minitrack will address are:

  • The effects of consumerization of IT (COIT) on knowledge flows
  • Knowledge flows and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Knowledge sharing, flows, and transfer within the context of Social Media
  • Design of information and communication systems that facilitate knowledge transfer and sharing
  • Role of social computing and social media in knowledge transfer and sharing
  • Technical challenges and solutions in the development and implementation of systems that facilitate knowledge flows
  • Managerial and organizational challenges/solutions in the institutionalization and implementation of processes and activities that facilitate knowledge flows
  • Intra- and inter-organizational processes for effective leverage of knowledge through knowledge transfer and sharing
  • Enablers and inhibitors of knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer behaviors
  • Role of information and communication technologies in managing knowledge flows
  • Knowledge reuse in organizations
  • Organizational and economic incentive structures for knowledge sharing and use
  • Building knowledge capabilities to harness and enable knowledge flows
  • Knowledge flows (and sharing ) within networks and communities
  • Harnessing knowledge flows for creativity and innovation
  • Role of IT within communities of practice (CoPs)

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

K. D. Joshi (Primary Contact)
Washington State University

Lynne Cooper
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Nathan Johnson
Western Carolina University
Tel: (828) 227-3711