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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Streaming Media in Entertainment
    ( 2023-01-03) Scheibe, Katrin ; Zimmer, Franziska ; Hamari, Juho ; Macey, Joseph
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    Lo-fi Hip Hop Streaming in China: Online Engagement, Motivation, and Sense of Community
    ( 2023-01-03) Zheng, Nanxiao
    As a new wave of music, Lo-fi Hip Hop has emerged on YouTube, and Bilibili in China, transforming into a trending and distinctive video streaming phenomenon. However, it remains unknown how viewers with divergent socio-cultural backgrounds engage with the Lo-fi Hip Hop streaming video on digital platforms, why they participate, and how the sense of community is exhibited. A qualitative mix-method study containing comment analysis and in-depth interviews (N=12) was conducted to investigate the uniqueness of the Lo-fi Hip Hop community on Bilibili. The findings revealed the difference in viewers’ online community engagement between YouTube and Bilibili and various motivations of watching Lo-fi Hip Hop streaming. Lastly, the study also extends the Sense of Community (SoC) theory to the community with implications for the application. The study further contributes to the research of Lo-fi Hip Hop video streaming in a global context.
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    Research on the Psychological Satisfaction Mechanism of Video Platform Users’ Re-creation Behavior
    ( 2023-01-03) Dong, Xuebing ; Liu, Yan ; Hu, Chuanzhi
    Re-creation behavior is an important way for video website users to generate content. It can help users understand and develop themselves, improve the retention rate of platform users, and promote the emergence of new business models for video websites. Based on the uses and gratifications approach, this study proposes a research model of the psychological satisfaction process of "motivation-emotion-intention" with the re-creation video platform as the research background. Through data verification using SmartPLS, the research results show that four types of motivations, namely mimicking, helping, validation, and self-expression promote the satisfaction of lurkers' emotional needs; two types of emotions, the sense of belonging and the sense of achievement, promote lurkers to generate re-creation intentions.
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    How Cover Images Represent Video Content: A Case Study of Bilibili
    ( 2023-01-03) Dedema, Meredith ; Herring, Susan
    User generated videos are the most prevalent online products on social media platforms nowadays. In this context, thumbnails (or cover images) serve the important role of representing the video content and attracting viewers’ attention. In this study, we conducted a content analysis of cover images on the Bilibili video-sharing platform, the Chinese counterpart to YouTube, where content creators can upload videos and design their own cover images rather than using automatically generated thumbnails. We extracted four components – snapshot, background, text overlay, and face – that content creators use most often in cover images. We found that the use of different components and their combinations varies in cover images for videos of different duration. The study sheds light on human input into video representation and addresses a gap in the literature, as video thumbnails have previously been studied mainly as the output of automatic generation by algorithms.