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    Propagating Taro by the Normally Dormant Buds Present on Huli and Corm
    (University of Hawaii, 1941-05) Kikuta, K. ; Parris, G.K.
    Rapid multiplication of taro plants by using corm sections was explored. Normally dormant buds on the corm can be stimulated to grow, and plantlets can be obtained from corm sections containing one of these buds. Buds on the upper part of the corm (the youngest part) were more readily stimulated to grow. Plants from corm sections grew as well as those from huli, but plants from huli were more uniform in growth.
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    Carbohydrate Balance as a Major Factor Affecting Yield of the Coffee Tree
    (University of Hawaii, 1953-08) Cooil, Bruce J. ; Nakayama, Martha
    When the carbohydrate content of coffee leaves was measured, diurnal changes varied little and seasonal variations were wide; the relationship between starch accumulation and coffee yield was studied.
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    Fertilization of Coffee in Kona with Special Reference to Nitrogen Nutrition
    (University of Hawaii, 1958-07) Cooil, Bruce J. ; Fukunaga, Edward T. ; Awada, Minoru
    Thirteen variations in amounts and frequencies of applications of nitrogen and potassium to coffee plants were evaluated for effects on yield and tissue nutrient content. Results suggested that only two N applications during the year was too infrequent, and four to six would be more appropriate.
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    Girdling as a Means of Promoting Flower-Bud Initiation in Litchi
    (University of Hawaii, 1953-10) Nakata, Shigeru
    Excessive rainfall often causes vegetative flushing that interferes with flowering and limits fruit production. Experiments with girdling 'Brewster' lychee are reported. Girdling in September was best.