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    Digital Entrepreneurial Internationalizers: Definitions, Theoretical Implications, and Research Avenues
    ( 2021-01-05) Gabrielsson, Mika ; Fraccastoro, Sara ; Ojala, Arto ; Rollins, Minna
    Recent research has advanced our understanding of digital entrepreneurship and how digitalization impacts on internationalization. However, we still lack a clear understanding of what constitutes a digital entrepreneurial internationalizer (DEI). This paper aims at filling this gap by bridging research on digital entrepreneurship and that on digital internationalization, and by augmenting their applicability to managerial phenomena. We do this by offering an improved definition and criteria to understand what constitutes a digital firm. Then, based on literature on digitalization, digital entrepreneurship, and international entrepreneurship, we conceptualize DEI according to the criteria of digital and internationalization earliness. That conceptualization means we can present a matrix, in which a new typology of the firm—the Born Global & Digital—emerges. We introduce examples of everyday successful business ventures that illustrate this and other types of DEIs. We then outline theoretical implications and future research avenues that could extend the conceptualization.
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    Business Model Innovation in the Internationalization of SMEs: The Role of Causation and Effectuation
    ( 2021-01-05) Asemokha, Agnes ; Musona, Jackson ; Ahi, Ali ; Torkkeli, Lasse ; Sareenketo, Sami
    Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) undergo different life cycle transitions that affect their business models (BMs) as they seek new to enter foreign markets. Although international entrepreneurship (IE) scholars have recognized the relevance of exploring the creation and growth of entrepreneurial firms, there is a dearth of studies linking how the key decision-makers influence their business model, especially as they pursue internationalization success. This study aims to respond to these gaps in the research by examining the nexus of effectuation and causation (decision logic) and how the combined effects of these logics influence business model innovation (BMI) as SMEs internationalize. In reviewing the existing literature on these concepts, we develop theoretically driven propositions that link business model innovation and decision-making logic in international entrepreneurship that can be subsequently tested with empirical data in the future. This study contributes to the literature on decision-making and business model innovation. It also links two streams of the research, which, to our knowledge, is limited. Moreover, the study is unprecedented in the international entrepreneurship domain.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on International Business and Born Digitals
    ( 2021-01-05) Ojala, Arto ; Gabrielsson, Mika ; Rollins, Minna ; Fraccastoro, Sara