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    A Narrative Inquiry of Nikkei Peruvian Return Migration to Japan
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2022) Ponce de Leon de Johnson, Erika ; Hasegawa, Atsushi ; Japanese
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    The O?nin War: A Translation with Commentary
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2010-05-09) Ryan, Joseph ; Ashworth, David
    My project is an English annotated translation of Ikenami Sh?tar?'s ?nin no Ran with accompanying historical commentary. This work focuses on the 15th century disturbances that plunged all of Japan into over one hundred years of civil war. The annotations take the form of translator's notes found throughout the text and provide historical commentary that addresses key issues brought up in the text itself. Therefore, my work will consist of two main parts: an introduction acquainting the reader with the author, Ikenami Sh?tar?, and a brief cultural and historical background in order to prepare the reader for the historical fiction found in the second section; and the translated work with footnotes on key terms. Recent scholarship on Japanese history has been overwhelmingly focused on post-1600 Early Modern issues and most English-language translations of Japanese historical fiction do not provide commentary. In order to broaden the first (Japanese historical studies) and amend the second (the dearth of annotated translations), I will be presenting a translation that will appeal to both the scholar and the layman.