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Pragmatics & Interaction, a refereed series sponsored by the University of Hawaiʻi National Foreign Language Resource Center, publishes research on topics in pragmatics and discourse as social interaction from a wide variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives. P&I particularly welcomes studies on languages spoken in the Asia-Pacific region.


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    L2 Learning as Social Practice: Conversation-Analytic Perspectives
    (National Foreign Language Resource Center, 2011) Pallotti, Gabriele ; Wagner, Johannes
    This volume collects empirical studies applying Conversation Analysis to situations where second, third and other additional languages are used. A number of different aspects are considered, including how linguistic systems develop over time through social interaction, how participants 'do' language learning and teaching in classroom and everyday settings, how they select languages and manage identities in multilingual contexts and how the linguistic-interactional divide can be bridged with studies combining Conversation Analysis and Functional Linguistics. This variety of issues and approaches clearly shows the fruitfulness of a socio-interactional perspective on second language learning.
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    Talk-in-Interaction: Multilingual Perspectives
    (National Foreign Language Resource Center, 2009) Nguyen, Hanh thi ; Kasper, Gabriele
    Talk-in-interaction: Multilingual perspectives offers original studies of interaction in a range of languages and language varieties, including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Swahili, Thai, and Vietnamese; monolingual and bilingual interactions; and activities designed for second or foreign language learning. Conducted from the perspectives of conversation analysis and membership categorization analysis, the chapters examine ordinary conversation and institutional activities in face-to-face, telephone, and computer-mediated environments.
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