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    Keimami sa vakila na liga ni Kalou = Feeling the hand of God : human and nonhuman impacts on Pacific island environments
    (Honolulu : East-West Center, Program on Environment, 1992) Nunn, Patrick D.
    Revised edition. Feeling the hand of God. Human and nonhuman impacts on Pacific island environments.
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    Society and non-timber forest products in tropical Asia
    (Honolulu : East-West Center, 1995-08) Fox, Jefferson
    Paper presented for a panel at the XVII Pacific Science Congress held in Honolulu, Hawaii, May 27-June 2, 1991. Contents: 1. Creating the forest: Dayak resource management in Kalimantan / Christine Padoch -- 2. Borean forest trade in historical and regional perspective: the case of Penan hunter-gatherers of Sarawak / J. Peter Brosius -- 3. Sal leaf plate processing and marketing in West Bengal / Rashmi Pachauri Rajan -- 4. Non-timber forest products in a Nepali village in 1980 and 1990 / Jefferson Fox -- 5. The impact of cultivation on peasant-state relations in forest productive development: the transition from native forest latexes to the introduced Hevea in Kalimantan / Michael R. Dove -- 6. Extraction interactions: logging tropical timbers in East Kalimantan, Indonesia / Nancy Lee Peluso -- 7. Rattan management for forest conservation by Indonesia national parks and preserve buffer zones / Stephen F. Siebert -- 8. Fiber Grass from forest land: a case from North India / Mark Poffenberger, Madhu Sarin
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    Dam lies and other statistics : taking the measure of irrigation in China, 1931-91
    (Honolulu : East-West Center, 1995) Nickum, James E.
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    Urban harvest : recycling as a peasant industry in northern Vietnam
    (Honolulu : East-West Center, 1994-09) DiGregorio, Michael