Enterprise Ecosystem: Integrating Systems Within and Between Organizations

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    How Do Enterprise Software Providers Adapt their Strategies to the Cloud? An Analysis through Sap Hana Journey based on the Evolution of Sap’S Discourse (2010-2018)
    ( 2020-01-07) Arena, Lise ; Mola, Lapo ; Remond, Nicolas ; Rowe, Frantz
    This paper seeks to provide a better understanding of software business providers’ strategy when adapting to the emergence of cloud computing markets. Based on a longitudinal case-study and on a historical content analysis of SAP’s discourse, it highlights four main periods of adaptation, since 2009. The analysis of these four periods emphasizes the existence of an initial superior technology (HANA) on the ERP market when referring to cloud-based solutions. Overall, the evolution of SAP’s strategy is understood as a change from a high level of control over the administration of its technological environment to a more flexible strategy that gives alternative options such as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) mode. Yet, content analysis shows that SAP never sought to give that much freedom to client firms, given their capabilities for designing but also for mitigating corresponding risks.
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    What Microservices Can Learn From Enterprise Information Integration
    ( 2020-01-07) Schwarz, Georg-Daniel ; Riehle, Dirk
    Microservices are an architectural style in which each service typically provides the complete stack of functions from a user or application programming interface through a domain model all the way to storage for that model. As a consequence, querying conjunct data from different microservices becomes a non-trivial engineering task. In this article, we review older and established general data integration theory in the enterprise context and then compare current microservice practice with enterprise information integration (EII) theory as an established approach to data integration. We find that microservices do not utilize all possible approaches for data integration that are common in enterprises. Specifically, microservices use middleware only partially and databases are not used at all to integrate data. Therefore, we further investigate whether, when, and how these two approaches can be used in a microservices context and present our findings. With our findings, we (i) clear the way for fellow researchers to investigate and improve unused integration strategies with microservices and (ii) raise the awareness of practitioners that some integration strategies may not work out of the box with microservices as they do in EII.
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    Does Virtualization Capability Maturity Influence Information Systems Development Performance? Theorizing The Non-Linear Payoffs
    ( 2020-01-07) Nishant, Rohit ; Srivastava, Shirish C. ; Bahli, Bouchaib
    Firms are increasingly relying on digital transformation and virtualization of physical IT assets to develop information systems projects. However, the assessment of this virtualization on the performance of information systems development (ISD) projects is still unclear. Drawing upon the theories of radical innovation and process virtualization, we develop and empirically test a research model describing the relationships of virtualization capability maturity (VCM) with ISD project performance. Our findings show inverted U-shaped relationships of VCM with both ISD process and product performance. Interestingly, ISD projects achieve performance improvements as they progress incrementally from VCM levels of 0 to 2, but at VCM level 3 performance declines. Also, we observe that at higher levels of VCM, ISD process performance declines more rapidly than ISD product performance and the resources spent on ISD project execution increases non-linearly with increasing levels of VCM. Implications of these results are discussed.
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    Introduction to the Minitrack on Enterprise Ecosystem: Integrating Systems Within and Between Organizations
    ( 2020-01-07) Themistocleous, Marinos ; Schmidt, Pamela ; Freeze, Ronald