Social Media: Culture, Identity, and Inclusion Minitrack

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Digital and social media have become ubiquitous, seemingly essential pieces of infrastructure necessary for realizing a globalized society. Social media brings diverse groups of people together in productive and, at times, puzzling ways. Users from different cultures, genders, and generations have adopted social media in interesting manners, creating new norms and practices. As scholars of systems sciences, it is important for us to examine not only these new and various communication and behavioral styles but also to explore the design, impact and influence digital and social media have within these groups of users.

Potential Topics:

  • Inter-cultural and Cross-cultural use of Social Media
  • Gendered Social Media
  • Digital Natives/ Digital Immigrants: does the difference still exist?
  • The construction and circulation of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion and disability through the use of social media
  • Online Harassment
  • Identity Enactment and Policing
  • Digital/Immaterial Labour
  • Reproduction of biases
  • Governance and Rules in Action
  • Aging and Social Media
  • Inter-generational use of Social Media
  • Impact and influence of social media on diversity
  • Social Media, MOOCS, & Inclusion
  • Social Media & Implicit Bias
  • Social Media, Culture & Change/Social Innovation
  • Social Media & Intersectionality
  • Designing Social Media for Inclusion
  • Social Media, Disruptive Innovation, and Capacity-Building For All

This mini track is also open to receiving papers on additional, relevant topics and using in innovative ways social media itself.

Minitrack Co-Chairs:

Shahper Vodanovich (Primary Contact)
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Nanette S. Levinson
American University

Amanda Menking
University of Washington, Seattle