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    Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal Volume 13 Issue 1
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2017)
    The latest issue of the Review of Disability Studies is out! Dive into this issues' advancement of ideas from authors representing Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Hawaii, India, Norway, Sweden, and the United States. You won't want to miss this intersectionality of perspectives from scholars, educators, artist, activist, and medical practitioners all working towards advancing the study and experience of disability.
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    Editorial: What About Disability and Social Justice?
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2017) Conway, Megan A.
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    Dissertation & Abstracts v13i1
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2017) Erlen, Jonathon ; Conway, Megan
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    Three (or Infinite) Lenses: Translucent Still Life I.
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2017) Rands, Kai
    The drawing prompts the viewer’s contemplation of lenses on three different levels. (By lens, I mean a device that transforms the user's experience in some way and designates a focus.) First, disability studies serves as a lens. Simi Linton (1998) has noted that disability studies is “a prism through which one can gain a broader understanding of society and human experience” (p. 118).
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    Infusing Disability Studies within Special Education: A Personal Story
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2017) Heroux, JoDell R.
    Special education has historically been understood as a service provided to students with disabilities who are perceived to be too impaired to successfully progress in the general education curriculum and classroom. This perception has been reinforced through teacher preparation programs that rely heavily on the medical model of disability to prepare both special and general education teachers. While there is an increased push both legislatively and socially for more inclusive practices in education, this over-reliance on the medical model does little to nurture inclusive attitudes and worse, perpetuates deficit assumptions of disability. This paper seeks to explore how the infusion of Disability Studies into the teacher preparation curriculum might be used to foster more inclusive attitudes.
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    Photovoice: Life Through the Eyes of People with Disability in North India
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2017) Grills, Nathan ; Porter, Gillian ; Kumar, Raj ; Varghese, Jubin
    The authors used photovoice methodology to gain insight into the lives of 18 people with disabilities in rural North India. This project provided participants with an opportunity to express their joys and difficulties and provided important insights to help structure future programs and supports within the community.
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    Personal Autonomy and Disability
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2017) Krhutová, Lenka
    This paper presents different approaches to the concept of personal autonomy in the disability context. It draws attention to the ways the requirements for “competent” bodies and autonomy of the “incarnate” subject affect the usual way of understanding the autonomy of people with disabilities, i.e. a higher degree of physical dependence may be perceived as a lower degree of autonomy.
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    Swedish Citizens with Cerebral Palsy or Spina Bifida – Perceived Experiences of Social Life and Employment
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2017) Törnbom, Karin ; Törnbom, Marie ; Sunnerhagen, Stibrant
    This article offers insight into the ways in which people with cerebral palsy and spina bifida reflect upon their experiences of participation in relation to social life and employment. The qualitative method was used to explore experiences of participation among adults with CP or SB, using semi structured interviews. Participants expressed a desire to make a contribution to the labor market, to have sustainable relationships and to be accepted by others.
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    Exploring Disability Policy in Africa: An Online Search for National Disability Policies and UNCRPD Ratification
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2017) Fernandez, Erika Luisa ; Rutka, Lauren ; Aldersey, Heather
    This research brief presents a search for national policies on disability and UN CRPD ratification in African countries.  The results of the search found that over half of the countries in continental Africa have a current disability policy and that the majority of countries have ratified the UN CRPD.  Many of the countries that have neither ratified the UN CRPD nor implemented national policies on disabilities are characterized by conflict and/or weak or absent governments.  We anticipate that the results could be beneficial in providing a scope of disability policy in Africa and in helping to easily identify policy and/or geographic locations for future detailed policy analysis.