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    Disability Studies Dissertation Abstracts
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2014) Erlen, Jonathon
    The information for this section of RDS is provided by Jonathon Erlen of the University of Pittsburgh.
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    Film Review: FIXED: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2014) McLaughlin, Amanda
    Filmmaker: Regan Brashear Reviewer: Amanda McLaughlin Production Company: New Day Films, Blooming Grove, NY Cost: $325, Educational DVD; $375, Institutional Streaming (3 years)
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    Book Review: Mad Matters: A Critical Reader in Canadian Mad Studies
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2014) Tien, Shulan
    Editors: Brenda A. LeFrançois, Robert Menzies, and Geoffrey Reaume Reviewer: Shulan Tien, PhD Candidate, Fu-Jen University, Taiwan Publisher: Toronto, Ontario, Canadian Scholars’ Press Inc., 2013 ISBN: 978-55130-534-9 Cost: Softcover, 394 pages, $49.95 CAD
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    Book Review: Quality of Life and Intellectual Disability; Knowledge Application to Other Social and Educational Challenges
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2014) Linn, James G.
    Editors: Roy I. Brown and Rhonda M. Faragher Reviewer: James G. Linn, PhD Publisher: Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2014 ISBN: 978-1-62948-264-4 (hard cover) Cost: $189.00, 418 pages
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    Book Review: Both Sides of the Table: Autoethnographies of Educators Learning and Teaching With/In [Dis]Ability. Disability Studies in Education, Vol 12. Eds. Susan L. Gabel and Scot Danforth.
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2014) Brown, Steven E.
    Editor: Phil Smith Reviewer: Steven E. Brown, PhD Publisher: New York: Peter Lang, 2013 Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-4331-1451-9 Cost: $40.95, 277 pages
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    A Capabilities View of Accessibility in Policy and Practice in Jordan and Peru
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2014) Pal, Joyojeet ; Alfaro, Ana Maria Huaita ; Ammari, Tawfiq W. ; Chatterjee, Saikat
    We explore the recent evolution of accessibility-related policy in Jordan and Peru, and specifically consider issues around assistive technology access for people with severe vision impairments. We find differences in capacity development and institutions in the two countries over time and how it impacts the ways in which recent policy consultations have taken place, and propose a capabilities framework as a means to examine and contextualize these differences. Narratives of assistive technology use by people in both countries emphasize ways in which the capabilities approach is also a valuable tool in understanding aspirations and how social interactions evolve with access to assistive technology. We argue that the findings from Peru and Jordan, given the diversity of policy environments, infrastructure, and socio-economic attitudes towards people with disabilities, give us an important lens towards understanding the evolution of disability rights and policies in various low and middle-income countries around the world.
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    Summer of 2012: Paralympic Legacy and the Welfare Benefit Scandal
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2014) Crow, Liz
    Through the summer of 2012, two sets of images dominated the British press: welfare benefits scrounger and Paralympic superhuman. Through one claimant’s traversal of the benefits system and against the heady backdrop of the Games, this narrative inquiry examines the profound and tangible consequences of these images, whilst offering hope for an abiding legacy that holds consequences for public perception of disability and the lives of disabled people.
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    Facing Dyslexia: The Education of Chuck Close
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2014) Gobbo, Ken
    Throughout his lifetime, the American painter, Chuck Close faced many challenges, including dyslexia and prosopagnosia. This article discusses his education and some of the creative strategies he employed to overcome the obstacles he faced from elementary school through college and graduate school. It also considers the influence of several of his teachers and the ways his learning differences came to influence his artistic process.
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    Becoming Aware of One’s Own Biased Attitude: The Observer’s Encounter with Disability in Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library no. 18
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2014) Heindl, Nina
    This art historical treatment of the graphic novel Acme Novelty Library no. 18 investigates the particular manner of its representation of disability. With reference to theory of body and also theory of images, this study shows that the reading observer is confronted with his/her social and cultural imprint in the process of examining the graphic novel.
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    Shifting Perception: Photographing Disabled People During the Civil Rights Era
    (University of Hawaii at Manoa -- Center on Disability Studies, 2014) Hiles, Timothy W.
    During the American Civil Rights Era, photographic perception of disabled people shifted from constructs that empowered the abled “normal” to an empathetic awareness of social isolation and enfreakment. Through rhetorics of the stare, photographers demonstrated increased cognizance of what it meant to be an “other” in a society that valued homogeneity.