Curriculum Studies Plan B Projects - 2011

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These Plan B Projects were selected from a number of Plan B's submitted in the past few years. These Plan B projects include a variety of topic areas, subject matter and approaches to conducting research and curriculum development. Many of them were recommended by their advisors as exemplary papers. The Plan B’s include examples of classroom action research, qualitative research, and curriculum development projects. It should be noted that not every example is considered exemplary in all areas, e.g. organization, quality of the writing (punctuation, spelling, grammar, APA) or research methodology. However, each one can provide helpful ideas regarding topic selection, format, organization, how to write a literature review, or design a research project.


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    Exploring the Impacts of Math Plato Intervention on Kailua High School Students
    ( 2010-12-01) Young, Kinau ; Pateman, Neil
    This study reports the results of an evaluation of the Math PLATO Intervention program designed as an alternative math course for students who consistently earned low scores. Math PLATO Intervention (MPI) hoped to increase the students’ scores and motivation by creating a more intimate learning environment and by using a variety of teaching methods including PLATO software. The study evaluates the program in terms of adherence to program objectives, effects of class size on students, changes in student behavior and mathematics content knowledge.
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    Incorporating Adolescent Identity: Developing a Middle School Exploratory Art Curriculum
    ( 2011-05-01) Tambio, Ojay ; Krohn Ching, Val
    This study presents one teacher's quest to develop a meaningful identity-based middle school art program. The curriculum focuses on actively engaging middle school students in exploring their own identity and culture, and incorporates art history, art skills, and art techniques relevant to this age group.
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    Action Research on the Impact of Using Shared Reading to Increase Students’ Knowledge about Concepts of Print in a Kindergarten Classroom
    ( 2011-05-01) Alcantra, Joy ; Schonleber, Sherie
    This study examines the impact of shared reading lessons focusing on kindergarten students’ knowledge about Concepts of Print (i.e. holding a book properly, showing the front cover, pointing to the title, showing the beginning and ending of a story, reading from left to right and top to bottom, matching word to voice print, understanding reading terminology such as word and letter, and understanding simple punctuation marks).