When Modern Technologies Meet Ageing Workforces: Older Workers are more affected by Demands from Mobile Interruptions than their Younger Counterparts

Tams, Stefan
Grover, Varun
Thatcher, Jason
Ahuja, Manju
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Mobile technologies have dramatically increased the number of work-related interruptions. In many organizations, employees have to remain accessible and respond to these technology-mediated (T-M) interruptions even after regular work hours. Thus, demands from work interruptions might spill over into workers’ evening and family time, entailing role stress. Ultimately, workers might shy away from using the technologies they deem responsible, with negative impacts for organizations. At the same time, the workforce is ageing rapidly, and older workers might be even more susceptible to the negative impacts of interruptions than their younger counterparts. Hence, this research examines whether demands from T-M interruptions reduce IT use indirectly via workers’ experiences of role stress and whether this indirect effect depends on age such that it is stronger for older workers. Data collected from 121 younger and 124 older knowledge workers supported this idea. Implications for research and practice are discussed.
Age, Interruptions, Older Workers, Technostress, Use.
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