Is a Significant Demographic Left Out of the Equation? An Overview of Possible Inequitable Access to Cybersecurity Educational Programs in the United States

Jacob, Johanna
White, Greg
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Cybersecurity skills shortage has reached widespread proportions. The common consensus in the community is there is a lack of an established pathway early on in K-12 education that would help students gain an interest in Cybersecurity and related careers. Recent studies and national surveys indicate that most students are not well-informed about the educational and career requirements in the field. Though some cybersecurity education is offered in K-12 across the United States through various means such as camps, clubs, competitions and as standalone coursework, there is an uneven access for students to engage in these activities. Middle and high school student populations include teachers and educators who are part of smaller and lower income school districts which are often less exposed to initiatives related to Cybersecurity. We present a preliminary analysis of the possible inequitable access to Cybersecurity education and propose a survey-based methodology to further this project.
Cybersecurity and Privacy in Government, cybersecurity, education, school districts, title-i
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