The Japanese in Hawaii : an annotated bibliography of Japanese Americans

Matsuda, Mitsugu
Ogawa, Dennis M.
Fujioka, Jerry Y.
Japanese American Research Center
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Honolulu : Social Sciences and Linguistics Institute, University of Hawaii : distributed by University Press of Hawaii
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The Japanese-American experience in Hawaii spans over one hundred years and encompasses four generations— the issei (first generation), nisei (second), sansei (third), and yonsei (fourth). Compared to the small contingent of less than 150 immigrants who arrived in Honolulu in 1868, Japanese Americans today constitute a substantial portion of the Island population, numbering over 217, 000. Like all of Hawaii's ethnic groups, the experience of the Japanese Americans lends itself to a variety of historical and cultural studies. Researchers from within and without the ethnic group have explored this experience creatively and from a wide range of viewpoints. As a consequence, interpretations regarding the day-to-day affairs, community activities, generational characteristics, and cultural philosophy of the people as a whole have been extremely varied. Due to this diversity, the existing studies on Hawaii's Japanese Americans present a rich background of information that stimulates comparative ethnic perspectives and leads to a greater understanding of the processes of human behavior in the Islands. This revision of Mitsugu Matsuda's Japanese in Hawaii, 1868-1967: An Annotated Bibliography of the First Hundred Years calls attention to writings which are available to students and individuals interested in Americans of Japanese ancestry. The materials range from scholarly pieces based upon traditional academic sources for documentation to literature found in newspapers, novels, and general periodicals which have historic, biographic or general descriptive value. The primary purpose of this bibliography is to provide a reference guide for the undergraduate, English-speaking student who is attempting to understand the Japanese-American experience in Hawaii. Consequently, two criteria were established for the listing of materials in this work. First of all, it was felt that a usable guide include only those materials which were in English. However, Japanese language entries from Matsuda's original work were reprinted in the Appendix for researchers who may find such information valuable. Second, writings were selected based on their general availability. Obscure manuscripts, private papers, or articles appearing in journals not available to students were omitted. This bibliography does not pretend to be exhaustive of the wealth of materials written by, for, or about Japanese Americans, but does provide a complete reference of published studies which can be readily obtained. While this work is largely an update and reorganization of Matsuda's annotated bibliography, certain additions and changes have been made so as to fulfill the objective of providing a useful reference guide for students. The first change was to bring Matsuda's work on English publications up-todate. To add to student usability, a much-needed subject index was developed incorporating both new and old materials. Further, all entries were organized alphabetically by author rather than following Matsuda's original categorization of materials into separate resource headings. Also included in this publication were selected entries from Judith Rubano's bibliography Culture and Behavior in Hawaii (No. 3 in the Hawaii Series). Rubano's work is an excellent compilation of behavioral science materials but too broad and inclusive for students seeking references solely on Japanese Americans. Consequently, where applicable, this work has been integrated into the present bibliography. Annotations taken from the Matsuda and Rubano bibliographies are followed by the letter designation [M] or [R] and the entry number of the original work.
Revised by Dennis M. Ogawa with Jerry Y. Fujioka ; supported by the Japanese American Research Center (JARC).
Japanese Americans, Bibliography, Japanese Americans--Hawaii--Bibliography
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