Notes from the Field: Remontado (Hatang-Kayi): A Moribund Language of the Philippines

Lobel, Jason William
Surbano, Orlando Vertudez
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University of Hawaii Press
Nearly half a century has passed since Philippine educator Teodoro Llamzon discovered the Remontado language, which would be introduced to the world in a master’s thesis written by his student Pilar Santos. Although data from the wordlists they collected have been included in subsequent publications by several other authors, no one had revisited the language community, let alone collected any additional data on this highly-endangered language, prior to the current authors. This article presents updated information on the language community, the current state of the language, and a revised description of the various grammatical subsystems of the language, including its verbal morphology. Also included are over 400 audio recordings illustrating basic aspects of the phonology as well as the various functor sets and verb forms, and a short text for comparison with other similar language sketches.
Philippines, Remontado, fieldwork, language documentation
Lobel, Jason William & Orlando Vertudez Surbano. 2019. Notes from the Field: Remontado (Hatang-Kayi): A Moribund Language of the Philippines. Language Documentation & Conservation 13. 1-35.
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