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Mulvaney, D.J.
Dunnell, R.
Jacobson, J.
Tuggle, H.D.
Chard, C.S.
Sackett, J.R.
Cordover, J.
King, M.E.
Griffin, P.B.
Gould, R.A.
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University of Hawai'i Press (Honolulu)
Review of Prehistory, by Derek Roe; Aspects of Prehistory, by Grahame Clark; World Prehistory, by Grahame Clark; Introductory Readings in Archaeology, by Brian M. Fagan, ed.; The Origins of Civilization, by Carroll L. Riley; The Archaeology of Early Man, by J. M. Coles and E. S. Higgs; Shipwrecks and Archaeology, by Peter Throckmorton; A History of Dyed Textiles, by Stuart Robinson; Food in Antiquity, by Don and Patricia Brothwell; World Archaeology, Vol. 1, nos. 1, 2, 3, by Roy Hodson and Colin Platt, eds.; The Structure and Growth of Australia's Aboriginal Population, by F. Lancaster Jones; Attitudes and Social Conditions, by Ronald Taft, John L. M. Dawson, and Pamela Beasley; Aboriginal Settlements, by J. P. M. Long; The Destruction of Aboriginal Society, by C. D. Rowley; Aboriginal Advancement to Integration, by H. P. Schapper.
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