Site Selection for Coral Restoration in Maunalua Bay, Oʻahu

Ogden-Fung, Cameron
Tsang, Anita
Dwivedi, Vaibhavi
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Maunalua Bay is recognized as one of the most degraded marine ecosystems in Hawaiʻi, demonstrating the urgency to restore coral populations in order to aid in the local community’s vision of a healthy and productive bay. The Gates Lab has partnered with Mālama Maunalua to restore coral in the bay, yet optimal coral restoration sites for survival success have not been selected. We worked with community partners to identify social and ecologically suitable restoration sites for the outplanting of resilient corals. After compiling available environmental data, a rating technique was used to evaluate site criteria and determine the optimal restoration sites across multiple objectives and scenarios. Paiko received the highest weighted scores in all scenarios, suggesting that it may be the most optimal site for coral outplanting and restoration within Maunalua Bay. This project will help restore coral communities in Maunalua Bay and reach Mālama Maunalua’s vision — “A Maunalua Bay where marine life is abundant, the water is clean and clear, and people take kūleana in caring for the Bay.”
A collection of resources for selecting optimal coral restoration sites in Maunalua Bay.
Coral reef ecosystems, Coral restoration, Site selection, Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, Simple Multi-Attribute Rating Technique
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