Buzz vs. Sales: Big Social Data Analytics of Style Icon Campaigns and Fashion Designer Collaborations on H&M’s Facebook Page

Komtesse af Rosenborg, Desiree Christina
Buhl-Andersen, Ida
Nilsson, Line Bygvrå
Rebild, Mark Philip
Mukkamala, Raghava Rao
Hussain, Abid
Vatrapu, Ravi
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This paper examines the relationship between social media engagement and financial performance of the global fast fashion company, H&M. We analyze big social data from Facebook on the seven H&M style collections that occurred during 2012 and 2013 to investigate if style icon campaigns have a larger effect on quarterly sales than designer collaborations. We find that style icons such as David Beckham generate more social buzz than designer collaborations. Social Set Analysis of the Facebook data shows that the overlap between the users H&M reach with their different style collections is fairly small. The deviations between forecasted quarterly sales and actual quarterly sales are analyzed. Our results show that that style icon campaigns have a larger impact on sales than designer collaborations and reveal that the quarters with the largest deviations coincide with the quarter in which H&M ran a style icon campaign. We discuss the implications of our findings and outline directions for future research.
Big Social Data, Social Business, Facebook Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Style Icon Campaigns
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