Linguistic abilities related to word reading in Persian and Swedish Johansson, Baran 2022-10-14T22:26:47Z 2022-10-14T22:26:47Z 2022-10-15
dc.description.abstract Previous studies have found that phonological processing and vocabulary predict word reading. However, their predictive powers may vary according to reading experience and across scripts with different levels of transparency. In this study, the relationship between phonological processing, decoding, vocabulary and word reading was explored in two different alphabetic languages: Persian (a non-Latin script) and Swedish (a Latin script). Standardised tests in both languages were used. Participants comprised 26 Persian-Swedish bilingual (biscriptal) children in school grades 4–9. Rapid automatic naming (RAN), phonological and semantic fluency, non-word reading and vocabulary were all significantly associated with word reading in Persian, whereas phonemic awareness, RAN, phonological fluency and non-word reading were significantly associated with word reading in Swedish. The findings have been compared with previous research and the educational implications are discussed.
dc.identifier.citation Johansson, B. (2022). Linguistic abilities related to word reading in Persian and Swedish. Reading in a Foreign Language, 34(2), 325–348.
dc.identifier.issn 1539-0578
dc.publisher University of Hawaii National Foreign Language Resource Center
dc.publisher Center for Language & Technology
dc.subject phonological processing
dc.subject phonemic awareness
dc.subject RAN
dc.subject non-word reading
dc.subject verbal fluency
dc.subject vocabulary
dc.subject decoding
dc.subject word recognition
dc.subject word reading predictors
dc.subject first language and second language word reading predictors
dc.subject bilingual biscriptal children
dc.subject primary and secondary school
dc.subject bilingualism
dc.title Linguistic abilities related to word reading in Persian and Swedish
dc.type Article
dc.type.dcmi Text
prism.endingpage 348
prism.number 2
prism.publicationname Reading in a Foreign Language
prism.startingpage 325
prism.volume 34
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