Conceptualizing Resource Orchestration - The Role of Service Platforms in Facilitating Service Systems

Andreas, Zolnowski
Markus, Warg
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The digitization, as the profound digital transformation of business activities, processes, competencies, and models, leads in many companies to the implementation of digital service platforms as a nucleus for rapid development and the implementation of reusable digital innovations and solutions. Based on service platforms, companies strive to gain superior resource density that enables interaction with customers and partners in real-time and foster service innovation. This paper focusses on the role and purpose of service platforms in value creation and in particular, the management of resources. For this, a longitudinal single-case study method is conducted that comprises three embedded case studies as units of analysis. In this context, the meta-theoretical foundations of S-D logic are reflected and, as a result, resource orchestration as a management capability of service platforms is introduced and discussed. Moreover, the role of service platforms in managing resources in the development of innovative service systems is examined.
Digital Services and the Digitalization of Services, Resource Orchestration, Digital Transformation, Service Platform, Service Dominant Architecture, Digital Innovation
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