Presence of space

Kwon, Soonjurng
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Presence of Space is an installation work of art questioning the idea of space, time, and labor. Presence of Space suggests a different role for a gallery space, where works of art are usually located and viewers are welcome. By filling the gallery with wire structures and the resulting cast shadows, the gallery space introduces viewers to an illusion of timeless but momentary pause. When I arrived in the United States to study art, I became interested in space and time. I had to confront that which was unfamiliar. This allowed me to look at myself and what surrounded me. To find the meaning of my existence in these new circumstances, it was necessary to define where I was and what I was doing. These questions also led me to study the place, Korea, where I had come from. As a student of art, I have explored a way to convey part of my identity through this installation of art, Presence of Space. My interest in lines expressed in space originated from my Korean aesthetic tradition. Through my research in the Korean aesthetic tradition as evidenced in the line work in clothing and architecture, I have addressed my own interest in line. My work draws on the idea of line quality through crosshatched lines of wire structures hung in the air.
Thesis (M.F.A.)--University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2005.
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