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Genre: Medicine/huru. Methi Wakene, kampong Mata mere, tells about 'huru bhapha'. She hangs 'huru bhapha' in manggo trees as a prohibition-curse. Or other people do. The thief/victim goes to someone to 'baga', to measure (with the palm traversing the other arm and back, or similar) and decide whether it is 'huru bhapha' or something else that is the problem. If it is the patient will be directed to Methi Wakene. Symptoms: loss of breath and severe swollenness, and, at its most severe, like a spear is piercing you from within, and potentially deadly. Cure: chew with 'moro bau' sprouts/shoots ('lobone'). Nothing about how the 'huru' is hung and charged in the plantation. No 'bhulu wa'o' mentioned either. Mama Methi tells of an event, with 'baga' and Tini's child Sari who was cured by her. And of how the 'cega' payment of five thousand rupees disappeared; somebody took it. Recorded by Pidhu Sophune (Ebbe) in the shed of her neighbour, Mama Ngei, and using the AT Lavelier mic I suppose, if not the rec level was set far too high on the Zoom. The quality of the recording is decent. Just keep the volume low. With Ngei's elder sister (the three are all grandmothers).
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