A Process Perspective on Emerging Value in Tournament-based and Collaborative Crowdsourcing

dc.contributor.author He, Hee Rui
dc.contributor.author Kotlarsky, Julia
dc.contributor.author Nevo, Dorit
dc.date.accessioned 2020-12-24T19:52:26Z
dc.date.available 2020-12-24T19:52:26Z
dc.date.issued 2021-01-05
dc.description.abstract Value, in crowdsourcing, is attributed to outcomes such as reducing costs, improving quality through broad participation, generating alternate solutions with increased creativity, and enabling the employment of specialists on an ad-hoc basis. These benefits of crowdsourcing typically reflect the focal firm’s perspective and are perceived at a single point in time, either prior to initiating the project or post-hoc. In this study we take a longitudinal and stakeholder-centered approach to examine the process of value (co-)creation through interactions between firm and crowd. We offer a process perspective on emerging value and distinguish between value for firm and value for crowd. In doing so, we address an observed gap in the literature which lacks an overarching understanding of crowdsourcing value creation process.
dc.format.extent 10 pages
dc.identifier.doi 10.24251/HICSS.2021.511
dc.identifier.isbn 978-0-9981331-4-0
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10125/71128
dc.language.iso English
dc.relation.ispartof Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
dc.rights Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
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dc.subject Crowdsourcing and Digital Workforce in the Gig Economy
dc.subject crowdsourcing
dc.subject process
dc.subject value creation
dc.title A Process Perspective on Emerging Value in Tournament-based and Collaborative Crowdsourcing
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