Ethical Tensions in Human-AI Companionship: A Dialectical Inquiry into Replika Ciriello, Raffaele Hannon, Oliver Chen, Angelina Ying Vaast, Emmanuelle 2023-12-26T18:36:11Z 2023-12-26T18:36:11Z 2024-01-03
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dc.relation.ispartof Proceedings of the 57th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
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dc.subject Conversational AI and Ethical Issues
dc.subject artificial intelligence
dc.subject companionship
dc.subject dialectical inquiry
dc.subject ethical tensions
dc.subject replika
dc.title Ethical Tensions in Human-AI Companionship: A Dialectical Inquiry into Replika
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dcterms.abstract The unfolding loneliness pandemic sees artificial intelligence (AI) companions emerge as a potential, albeit controversial, remedy offering emotional support to those suffering from social isolation. However, this also raises new and unique ethical issues regarding the personification of AI agents. Replika, an AI companion service with over 10 million users, is a case in point, facing both regulatory scrutiny and community pushback over the removal of its 'erotic roleplay' features. Through a dialectical inquiry, this paper explicates three salient ethical tensions in human-AI companionship: The Companionship-Alienation Irony, the Autonomy-Control Paradox, and the Utility-Ethicality Dilemma. We critically question the personification of AI agents and contribute insight into human-AI companionship dynamics, providing a basis for further inquiry into the emerging realm of artificial emotional intelligence (AEI). We also offer practical guidance for navigating these tensions as we move to a future where such relationships may become prevalent.
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