Trace and Memory: Memorial Photography in Modern Japan 2023-03-10T19:57:37Z 2023-03-10T19:57:37Z 2023-03-09
dc.description This is a flyer for a seminar co-sponsored with the Art & Art History Department and Center for Japanese Studies.
dc.description.abstract In modern Japan, memorial photographs (iei 遺影) have played a significant role in funerals, memorial services, and the everyday lives of the bereaved. Typically, a portrait photograph taken during the sitter's lifetime is transformed into a memorial photograph after their death. The process of transforming a mere portrait into a memorial image involves various rituals, which Prof. Satow terms "the relicization of a portrait." These rituals include not only religious services but also the selection of a frame, the location of enshrinement, and the manipulation of the image. This lecture theoretically and historically examines the function of memorial photography in modern Japan, comparing it to examples from other cultures such as Europe, Mexico, and Brazil.
dc.title Trace and Memory: Memorial Photography in Modern Japan
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